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How to get started: Create your profile.
How to get started: Create your profile.

A few simple steps to make your business a success with Glambook.

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Glambook is the #1 app for independent beauty professionals.

You will be able to increase sales, manage your schedule and interact with clients on a new level.

All you have to do is take a few simple steps:

1. Create your profile. (Menu 👉 View my profile)

2. Enter your personal information and upload your photo. Make your profile recognizable to your customers.

Why would you want to fill out all the fields in your profile?

— Email and phone - so you won't miss notifications of new appointments.

— Your first and last name is your personal brand.

— Gender - for some clients this is an important criteria in the search.

— Address needed to display you on a map and search the directory. Often, clients are looking for a master nearby.

— What languages do you speak? This can affect the choice of a master.

— Do you work with clients at your place? Can you come to the client's house? Indicate that, please.

— Avatar is the face of your profile both on the page and in the catalog.

— A nickname is the name and address of your page, like on Instagram.

3. Tell us about your experience as a handyman and upload your portfolio. (Menu 👉 View your profile 👉 About | Menu 👉 Portfolio). Make your profile attractive to new clients!

4. Add your specialization and the services you offer (Menu 👉 Specializations and Services). The more services you can offer, the more clients will come to you. Don't forget to include your price and duration!

5. Organize your working hours and schedule (Menu 👉 My schedule). Make your profile convenient.

6. Invite your clients to install Glambook — booking for beauty. (Invite customers from your contacts to get the first 5 star reviews from your regulars).

A completed profile is a complete communication with a client.

Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help you anytime!

All the best,

your Glambook team

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