How does it work?

Glambook is a platform for beauty industry professionals and clients. The platform is based on two Apps.

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Glambook - app for masters. With its help masters of the beauty industry can keep records of clients, manage their schedules, upload photos of their work, create their own records and accept requests from new clients. This app acts as a day planner with many additional benefits.

Glambook - booking for beauty. With its help, your future clients are looking for a professional to perform the desired procedure. For clients it is a list of masters and services. Each master has his own profile. Visually, it is something like Instagram. The client can see photos of your work, address, what languages you speak, a list of services and prices, a detailed description of your skills and, most importantly - free slots for an appointment. With this app, the client can find a craftsman (by service, price, location and other parameters), make an appointment online 24/7 and track the status of their application.

In this way, we connect beauty industry professionals and clients in one place - Glambook.

Your task as a beauty professional is to fill out your profile as much as possible (services, photos, contacts, description, schedule). Read more about it in a separate article.

Getting new clients is the task of Glambook. We promote "Glambook - booking for beauty" so that as many new requests as possible will come to you.

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