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How does the customer pay? In cash or via Glambook?
How does the customer pay? In cash or via Glambook?

The client chooses the method of payment at the moment when he sends the application to the master. Payment is possible by card or cash.

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When you open a new request, the payment method is specified in details. If you are satisfied with all parameters of the meeting: time, services, place, method of payment - you accept this request, choosing the payment method for yourself (commission payment for the request or subscription, to work without commissions and extra costs).

Please note, if the client pays "by card through Glambook", you get a number of benefits: accrual of bonuses, protection against late cancellation and / or no-show. By the way, in Glambook you can choose the amount of penalty for the client for late cancellation or no-show.

All card data and payments are processed by the payment system. We do not store this information or share it with third parties.

The application acceptance fee is only charged if the application is successfully completed. In case the request is cancelled at the initiative of the client or master more than 2 hours before the start of the session - the fee is returned to you.

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