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What is a "fee" and why do I pay it?
What is a "fee" and why do I pay it?

The fee is the amount that is withheld from the master in the case of successful rendering of services to the client.

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This amount ranges from 20 to 10% of the cost.

When a new client leaves a request for the first time - our charge is 20%. In the case when the same client signs up to you again - our charge is 10%.

In fact, the fee is the payment of our costs for the maintenance and development of the project, for support and further attraction of clients for the masters.

Fee, as a rule, is suitable for a small number of applications from clients. A profitable solution and an alternative to commission is "Subscription". With a subscription, you pay a flat rate per month and do not pay any additional costs or fees. Learn more about subscriptions in this article.

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