What is a subscription?

A subscription is the ability to use Glambook without restrictions or additional charges.

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All of your and new clients/records are assigned with no additional fees. All you need is a flat rate per month.

We have designed several rates for you: one month, three, six months and one year. The longer the chosen subscription period - the lower the cost.

In case of monthly payment the cost of subscription is 25 euros per month. In case of the subscription "for a year" one month costs 20 euros.

Why is it profitable? Let's do the math! Let's say your average bill is 25 euros.

You have 5 new clients. That's 125 euros. For them you have to pay 125*20% = 25 euros. Which, in fact, equals the cost of a monthly subscription. But that's only 5 clients! They are already paying back the cost of a monthly subscription. All customers starting from 6 - will already cost you more.

Another of the perks is the late cancellation/no-show protection (when the customer pays by card).

An annual subscription costs 240 euros. Let's do the math! Let's say you have 5 clients a day, with an average check of 20 euros. That's 100 euros a day. In a month, if you work 21 days, that's 2100 euros and 105 clients. In a year, that's 1260 sessions. How many of the 105 clients do you think might cancel at the last minute or not show up? And out of 1,260? For a subscription to pay for itself, it's enough that you don't have 12 clients coming to you.

Do you think in a year of 1260 sessions, you might only have 12 people not come to you? We think so. Our "late cancellation/no-show" policy can save you substantial amounts of money. Learn more about the cancellation/no-show setup in this article.

By paying a €25 monthly subscription, you give us the opportunity to further promote your profile, bring in new clients and protect you from unexpected costs.

Have you ever tried to promote yourself? Do you know how much advertising you can buy with 25 euros? On Instagram, that amount can easily be spent in an hour and get no results. We are professionals, with extensive experience in promoting beauty artists. Glambook will find and bring you clients for the same 25 euros you might have wasted on your own.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. But sure, it's not worth it :-)

Let's work hard and earn more!

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