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Late cancellation / no-show policy
Late cancellation / no-show policy

Glambook has a no-show and late cancellation policy for clients. These measures will protect you and your time from irresponsible customers.

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In case of late cancellation of the appointment less than 2 hours in advance or no-show, you will receive compensation.

The fee for a client can range from 10 to 50% for the late cancellation of an appointment and from 30 to 100% for a no-show. How strict your system of penalties will be is up to you. Glambook offers three options for a penalty policy:

Flexible: 10% - late cancellation fee

30% - no-show fee

Moderate: 30% late cancellation fee

50% - no-show fee

Strict: 50% late cancellation fee

100% - no-show fee

Late cancellation/no-show policy obliges clients to provide credit card details when they book an appointment with the master to enforce your policy. Please note the client's payment method to confirm the appointment. If a credit card is indicated there, you are fully protected from trouble.

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