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What do you need to get started with Glambook?
What do you need to get started with Glambook?

You need to install Glambook — app for masters to get started with Glambook.

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Next, you define suitable conditions for you to use the app.

Use the Glambook app to work with your own clients absolutely free. You can also take full advantage of the Glambook and activate work with new clients through a fixed commission for each successful booking.

If the commission seems inconvenient to you or there are too many applications, you can subscribe for 1,3,6 months or a year. In this way, you can save money and get additional benefits.

You need to have an attractive profile to get more new clients. Imagine that you are filling your own Instagram account. It's no more difficult to do this on Glambook than you are doing on your social networks.

So, are you ready to get a flawless profile and thousands of new clients? You need to fill in all the necessary information about yourself and your specialization, namely:

1. Fill in personal information (you should be easy to find)

2. Tell about your professional experience and specialization (this is important for searching for services)

3. Upload a photo of your work

4. Invite your clients to install Glambook — booking for beauty. (Invite customers from your contacts to get the first 5 star reviews from your regulars).

5. Fill in your appointment calendar (keep your work schedule up to date, keep track of sessions and personal time - this will allow you to show new clients free slots for booking).

Remember that your potential customers look primarily at your profile and choose you according to how well it is filled. Learn more about how to fill out your profile correctly.

Your task, as a beauty master, is to indicate all the necessary information (services, photos, contacts, description, schedule). Getting new customers is Glambook's task. “Glambook - booking for beauty” was created to receive as many new requests as possible. If you have filled out your profile as much as possible, you will soon see the result in the form of new customers

Learn more about how Glambook works.

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