How to add clients

How to add your regular clients

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As a beauty professional, you understand that your business base is your customers. Your client knows your phone number and often calls you to make an appointment. However, there is a more convenient way to make appointments and choose a convenient time.

How to add your regulars

Invite customers from your contacts to install Glambook — booking for beauty. Import your client list from your contacts or add a new client by filling in the Name, E-mail, and Phone sections to get started with Glambook.

All your clients you add or who book you themselves are constantly free in our App without any commission. By the way, clients can book an appointment with you via the promotional link. See: Your link to the online appointment.

Don't forget to ask your loyal clients to leave reviews.

New clients need to see a fully completed master profile. They will choose you based on your portfolio and feedback.

Need us to import your client list? Please send it to us in any format.

Explore the benefits of booking customers through Glambook:

🔸Online Schedule

🔸️No-show and late cancellation management

🔸Finance accounting

🔸️Automatic Notifications and Reminders

🔸Profile management

🔸Management review

Here's what you need to run your business effectively!

Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help you anytime!

All the best,

your Glambook team!

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