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How will I get new clients?
How will I get new clients?

How to organize your work in Glambook App

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We created the Glambook service specifically for beauty industry professionals as a personal blog. It's designed to help you showcase your work and your business.

Usually, new clients are looking for someone they can trust, so with the correct management and design of your page on Glambook, you can become a reasonably famous master in a short time.

How to organize your work in Glambook App:

1. Fill in your profile, photos of works, services, and description — The more detailed and complete you fill out your profile, the more often you will appear in search results from new clients;

2. Give some time to our team; we will actively promote your profile and attract new customers;

3. We recommend adding your current clients and their bookings — This will allow you to collect reviews and improve your ranking. The more information you provide on your profile, the more comfortable new customers will feel when booking with you;

4. Pay attention to the subscription — Based on our promotional campaign, new customers will find you on the Glambook app by themselves. The subscription allows you to provide services to new clients completely free of charge.

5. Add your promotional link on the social networks - This will give you the option to copy your link and instantly share your Profile on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or others of your choice.

Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help you anytime!

All the best,

your Glambook team!

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